about us
Simply Cheese is our family enterprise in Aurora, Indiana. Our goal is to provide fresh Amish and other cheeses which are close to the earth, of a high quality, affordable and convenient. Over the years we have developed a good relationship with Middlefield Original Cheese Co-op of Middlefield OH. They are Amish cheesemakers who have:

            1) a good reputation
            2) a long history of producing all natural, traditional cheeses 
            3) an affordable product
            4) a willingness to work with a small bulk purchaser who requests shipment to all sorts of locations
            5) and a variety of other cheeses and products from neighboring companies to round out what we can offer.

about our products
These cheeses are produced in the heart of Ohio Amish country. The milk comes from the unadulterated farms of Amish families who generally keep only 8–12 cows and refrain from using chemicals on their fields or hormones and prophylactic antibiotics on their herds. The milk is delivered fresh daily to the local dairy co-op, where it is transformed into delicious natural cheeses by traditional cheese making methods. They do not use artificial ingredients or preservatives. (For more discussion on hormones and antibiotics in commercial dairy products, see the links page.) These cheeses are pasteurized.

We like Middlefield Original Cheese Co-op because of their simple methods and their commitment to a natural, high quality product. The contrast between a mass-produced supermarket cheese and these freshly made traditional cheeses is significant. The Amish cheese is moist, pungent, and flavorful. The cheese is pulled directly from the aging house and hand-cut when our orders are received. As the co-op is operated by and comprised of primarily Amish families, you will not find their products widely marketed or distributed. Since we are a small family business with just this focus and very little overhead, you will not likely find them at a more family-friendly price. (Our cheeses are similar in price to W-mart's in-store brand; the similarity stops there, however.) By working closely with the co-op and ordering in bulk we are able to pass on real wholesale prices and keep shipping charges to a minimum. We charge only 10% for shipping. Locations within one state's distance from No. Ohio frequently receive their shipment overnight. We have found that our prices for these products are far below market, especially for fresh products advertised as organic or added hormone free. In short, we really do pass our wholesale prices on to you.

Can we guarantee that no RGBH or BST hormones were added to the milk in these cheeses? No. We rely on the word of the dairy co-op that their farmers don't use them (which is why we chose this particular co-op) and they in turn rely on the word of their farmers. As these substances occur naturally in cow's milk, and the chemical hormone has the same 'fingerprint' as the natural hormone, one cannot test for them either.

If certified organic is what you need to feel confident in your dairy products, then we recommend you buy Middlefield's organic cheese. These tasty organic cheeses come from certified organic small family farms located in western Pennsylvania and northeastern Ohio. These Amish farmers farm with horses and believe in keeping the soil as natural as possible, which means no chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides are used.

These farms are inspected and certified under OEFFA. These family farms consist of 12 to 20 cows, all milked by hand. The milk is put in 10-gallon milk cans and chilled with water, and then shipped daily to a farmer-owned cheese plant where it is made into premium specialty cheeses.

All the farms meet the USDA high standards for dairy farmers to be able to label their products Organic. The process begins with the requirement of farming the land organically for three years prior to certification. All animal feed must be certified organic, meaning that it must be all-natural, cannot be genetically modified, cannot be grown with chemical fertilizers, and must come from a certified organic farm. Milk-producing animals may not be pasture grazed on land that is sprayed with insecticide, and may not be given antibiotics either.

Middlefield's cheese plant is USDA, FDA, and ODA inspected and approved. Inside the plant, all ingredients, in addition to the milk, must be certified organic.

By request, we offer a variety of cheeses made by other manufacturers. We believe many of these to be of Amish country origin as Middlefield distributes and sells them, but we cannot make the same guarantees for them regarding additives that we do for Middlefield. We have tried almost all of them and have found them to be equally fresh and delicious. Many of them are now on our list of favorites.