Become an Area Distributor and Earn Free Cheese or Money!

If you are interested in being an Area Distributor for Simply Cheese and offering our wonderful, all-natural Amish cheese to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, co-op, team parents, Bible study, homeschool, or other group, please email us!

A quick look at the location menu on the order form will show you where we currently have ADs. We are always happy to expand our locations.
Requirements & Compensation
Area Distributor's (ADs) need to have a circle of people who would regularly order a total of 25 pounds or more. ADs receive a $0.75 credit for every pound of cheese ordered by their group. The AD's cheese order is calculated like all the other orders, then the AD's credit for the current order is deducted from the total due.
Click here to see the math.
Note: If another AD spins off of your group and begins receiving their shipments directly, you will not be able to count their order toward your totals. However, to demonstrate my appreciation, I will offer you a $25 thank-you credit after they have successfully placed two orders.

Area Distributors are responsible for:
-- compiling orders from customers (either using our online shopping cart or through your own system)
-- placing one order on our retail site for your entire location
-- receiving the cheese from UPS
-- sorting the orders and getting them to your customers
-- collecting payment from the customers
-- sending actual totals and one check for the total owed (less your commission) to me, preferably within 7 days

ADs automatically get a copy of each individual order that is coming to their location as the orders are placed.
A Note About Free Cheese
$7.50 for every 10 pounds ordered is not a huge amount, but because Simply Cheese offers all its customers (retailers and individuals) lower prices than most places (you can check this online) we do not have a huge margin to work with. For those who wish to order the cheese for themselves anyway and are willing to take it to others, or be somewhere with it for others to pick up, it can make for a sizable discount and that's always nice.

Please feel free to email me with any additional questions you have:
Missy Vaterlaus